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Veinwave™ is FDA approved, innovative breakthrough in vein treatment developed by a vascular surgeon in Great Britain that is performed at NYVC on an outpatient basis. Spanning a decade, Veinwave™ has enjoyed success in treating tiny spider veins and telangiectasia with the procedure being particularly effective for delicate areas of the face and the treatment improves the texture of the skin.
The Procedure

Veinwave™ works by emitting high frequency thermal energy (a process known as thermo-coagulation) through a very fine needle. The heat causes the wall of the vein and the blood within it to breakdown. The vein collapses and instantly disappears without affecting any of the surrounding tissue.

Each treatment takes less than 30 minutes to perform, is virtually painless and patients can resume normal activities after their session. The treatment leaves no bruising and the results are instantaneous.

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The results of VeinWave™ therapy are immediate and lasting. Depending on your individual needs, you may require a series of treatments to safely and effectively achieve the results you want.
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Before & After Veinwave

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Before & After Veinwave

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Before & After Veinwave

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Before & After Veinwave

Veinwave™ FAQ

Is Veinwave approved for use in the U.S.?
Veinwave has been approved for the safe removal of spider veins and telangiectasia (thin, tangled veins similar to spider veins) in the U.S. by the US FDA. Physicians have used Veinwave to successfully treat patients in the UK and throughout Europe since 2001.

What is Veinwave and how does it work?
Veinwave is an innovative, safe*, minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of tiny spider veins primarily for sensitive areas on the face, and on the legs especially the ankles and knees. Veinwave technology can safely pinpoint sensitive locations for treatment. Thermo-coagulation, which involves using microwaves to heat fine blood vessels, transfers the microwave energy to the affected area through an ultra-fine insulated needle causing the vein to seal shut, collapse and instantly disappear. A typical procedure can treat up to 18 to 20 inches of vessels in as many minutes with no recovery time, bandages or anesthetic required.
* Veinwave™ has been approved for the safe removal of spider veins and telangiectasia in the U.S by the US Food & Drug Administration.

Who are candidates for Veinwave?
If you have discomfort from spider veins or telangiectasia, or want to eliminate unsightly spider veins, are in good health, and would prefer a procedure that can provide immediate results with no recovery time, during a consultation your Vein Institute physician will determine if Veinwave is optimal treatment for your condition.

Who should not receive Veinwave treatments?
Veinwave may not be a safe option for patients who:

Are epileptic
  • Have bleeding disorders
  • Wear pacemakers
  • Are pregnant

  • When will results be visible?
    For areas on the face results are seen immediately as the treated veins instantly disappear and skin complexion improves over time as the blood flow to the targeted veins stops and they fade into the surrounding tissue. For areas on the legs (ankles and knees) the disappearance of spider veins will result over a longer period, not instantaneously, and are based on your health, metabolism and other factors - ask your Vein Institute physician.

    How many sessions will I need?
    Depending on the amount of veins you would like to have treated, achieving the desired result may require one to three treatments. Your Vein Institute physician can make an informed assessment during your consultation.

    Is there discomfort?
    Some patients have mild discomfort, but it is quite tolerable. It is not necessary and not advised to use any anesthetic with Veinwave procedures because it can cause undesired vasodilation (widening of the vessels).
    Are there any risks?
    As with any injection, there is a small risk of infection. There is no chance of scarring provided the procedure is performed by trained and qualified personnel. At the Vein Institute only our physicians perform the Veinwave procedure.

    What is involved in the recovery process? How long before patients can resume normal activity?
    Being minimally-invasive, Veinwave is a walk in, walk out procedure. No anesthetic, bandages, compression hose, recovery time or restrictions are required before or after your Veinwave treatment and patients may immediately return to normal activity. Following a treatment some patients leave the clinic without any visible sign on the treated skin, other than the disappearance of veins. Some patients with more sensitive skin may experience minor reddening which should disappear within a few days if not hours. Makeup can be lightly applied over the treated area and it is recommended to avoid the sun for several days or use a sun block. After a few days very small micro-crusts like the marks of a cat scratch can appear where Veinwave has been applied. This is normal, no special care is needed and they will disappear on their own. With patients who have a history of strong flushing or histamine reactions, a topical steroid may be prescribed.

    Typically, what is a long-term prognosis?
    Veins that are treated will never return. Although treated vessels are gone forever, this does not prevent new ones from forming.

    Does the Veinwave treat rosacea?
    While Veinwave is widely used to treat rosacea outside the USA as of yet it has not been approved for this use by the US FDA.

    Summary of the benefits with the Veinwave procedure
    • Fast treatment time, facial spider veins instantly disappear. Veinwave may have application for other conditions. During your consultation a Vein Institute physician will evaluate if VEINWAVE is the optimal treatment for your condition.
    • Almost no discomfort – a walk-in / walk-out procedure
    • No bruising, scarring or pigmentation
    • No recovery time Ability to successfully treat sensitive areas like the face, ankles and knees
    • Proven procedure, minimally invasive, high degree of safety and US FDA approved
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