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Spider veins are a common form of vascular malformation, and are less serious than the varicose vein disease. They appear as purplish blood vessels near or at the surface of the skin, causing many of our patients to feel insecure and self-conscious about wearing shorts or skirts.
But spider veins are entirely treatable, and easily treatable, at that! There are several treatment procedures for removing unsightly veins in just a few visits. Our vein specialist, Lisa Trotta, R.N. is considered an expert an has been treating spider veins for over 20 years.
Spider veins appear as red or purple thread-like structures on the skin surface, and can occur on the face, neck, chest and legs. In the legs they can be found alone or in combination with varicose veins. They are not a health risk alone, but are often a cosmetic concern.

Spider veins are generally an inherited condition occurring when small capillaires dilate on the surface of the skin. There are larger veins called reticular or “feeder” veins that are the source for spider veins. Spider veins can worsen during times of hormonal shifts (ie; pregnancy or menopause) and with injury (ie; trauma or standing/sitting for long periods).
There are three treatments for spider veins – Sclerotherapy and Yag Laser, IPL™ (intense pulsed light) ablation and VeinWave microwave ablation. Some patients require a combination of treatments for the best result.

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