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Dynamic muscle contraction is responsible for a number of undesirable lines and wrinkles on the face. For over a decade Botox has been the only product used to reduce dynamically caused wrinkling and lines. Now with Dysport both patients and doctors have a choice.

Is Dysport Different than Botox?
Dysport is very similar to Botox with the primary neuroprotein, botulinum type A, being the same. The differences lie in the dosing unit calculation due to dilution type, the time it takes to see effectiveness, dispersion of the product and possibly longevity.
Dysport for many patients seems to take effect a little quicker than Botox, and for some reports lasts a little longer. For some treatments, such as forehead lines, Dysport has a larger "spread" so Dr. Shaw will customize the treatment and frequently use Dysport and Botox in the same session to provide the best benefits of both.

Dosage is individually tailored to your facial muscle mass to be most effective. Because dosing units are not similar, comparing dosage units of Botox to those of Dysport is not applicable. The size and use of the muscles that produce frown lines varies among individuals, so Dr. Shaw will customize treatment to each patient's needs. However, the typical unit "conversion formula" is 3 units of Dysport to 1 unit of Botox.

Is Dysport Better?
Dysport and Botox are not seen as rivals in our practice and we're not assuming one is better than the other. In many instances Dr. Shaw may use both products for one patient's needs across various areas. Botox has a proven track record and it's a mainstay in our practice. The choice between the two may be as simple as patient preference or physician decision about which product would provide the most effectiveness for a specific location.

Who makes Dysport?
Dysport is distributed by Medicis, the same company which supplies Restylane and Perlane. It was developed by Ipsen, a global pharmaceutical developer headquartered in France and has beenusedmedically since 1991.

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