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Hair Loss Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you analyze hair?
Our Laser Technician will meet with you for a hands-on inspection. Photos will be taken of your scalp.

Q: Does shampoo really make a difference in hair quality?
Absolutely! Unfortunately, most of today's shampoos contain Laurimide DEA which is used to strip debris and add lather. It is also used in dishwashing detergent.

Many shampoos also have other chemicals that act as a degreasing agent. Some of these include sodium laurel, laureate or laureth sulfate (SLS), sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), or ammonium laurel, laureth sulfate or sulfeth. These are also gasoline derivatives.

There are even more chemicals in your common shampoos:

  • Nitrosol diethelanolamine (DEA) or cocamide DEA - (cancer causing agent)

  • Alpha hydroxy acids - glycolic, lactic or malic acids

  • Ethelene oxide

  • Isopropyl alcohol - a drying agent

  • Mineral oil - a lubricant that clogs hair follicles

  • Sodium Chloride - (table salt causing dry scalp)

More than 95% of commercial shampoos contain these harmful chemicals. Do you really want to put gasoline additives in your hair? There is growing evidence that the chemicals actually corrode the hair follicle and impair the ability of hair to grow.

One of these chemicals, SLS seems to cause a dramatic decline in the hair growth cycle, prolonging the hair loss phase (normally three months) by a factor of 8. Simply removing the corrosive and irritating effects of these ingredients begins to restore the healthy function of the hair follicle. Why shampoo with SLS, when there are healthier alternatives.

The TLC Hair Loss Control Clinic’s brand Scripts complete is like no other commercially-available brand. With DHT blocking abilities and nutritional elements, TLC Hair Loss Control Clinic Scripts line of hair products is a strong contender for the best shampoo products.

Q: Do you guarantee your services?
The SHAW Center Hair Loss Clinic offers a “More Hair Guarantee” on certain programs.

Q: How much do I need to invest?
The cost of the program is dependent upon individual needs.

What is Laser Hair Management and Rejuvenation Therapy?
Laser Hair Rejuvenation is a new non-surgical approach to treating hair loss, thinning hair, and baldness. Hair Rejuvenation is a medically tested effective and proven method using LLLT to treat and control hair loss. The treatment delivers light energy directly from secured laser positions designed to increase the blood flow of the scalp. It stimulates cell metabolism and causes damaged cells to be repaired. In general, LLLT has a good effect on all types of hair, both in men and women of any age.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
The Hair Rejuvenating Program works on a 6 and 12 month basis. It is recommended that the patient come in two to three times a week for the first four weeks, allowing a ‘rest’ day in between treatments. The patient will then come in once a week for the remainder of the treatment program selected.
How long is Each Treatment?
Each treatment is 20 to 45 minutes long depending on where you are with your treatment plan.

Is Low-Light Laser Therapy Safe?
Yes. LLLT is a safe, non-invasive treatment with virtually no negative side effects because LLLT is considered a cold laser. Laser Hair Rejuvenation energy does not change or alter molecular structures; it stimulates the body’s mechanism to repair and heal itself.

Will LLLT Hurt?
No. LLLT is completely painless. In some cases, patients experienced a mild tingling sensation immediately after the treatment but it fades away within a couple minutes. Most patients leave the treatment feeling more relaxed.

What Are The Benefits of Laser Hair Rejuvenation?
a. Stops the progress of hair loss in 85% of the patients b. Stimulates the rejuvenation of hair c. Repairs and improves the hair shaft resulting in a 25% increase in volume (thickness) d. Improves your scalp condition e. Reduces follicular swelling f. Increases cellular stimulation and blood flow

When Will I Begin to See Positive Results?
Results will vary, but within the first three months, a patient will notice a decrease in the shedding of hair, where it is stabilizing. After 3-6 months, the patient will see an overall increase in hair re-growth. From the 6-12 month period, the re-growth period continues.

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