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Keep in mind that everyone wants to look good. Looking good comes from advanced care and attention to your hair, skin and body. Our commitment to quality and individual care comes from being able to offer you therapies and treatments that cater to your concerns. Most people feel young and want their face and body to reflect that youth. They want to have quick treatments that are less expensive and less invasive. The SHAW Center Hair Loss Clinic advocates this approach. The SHAW Center Hair Loss Clinic is not only changing looks, but changing lives.

With many patented products and FDA-approved low level laser therapy, The SHAW Center Hair Loss Clinic, has been helping clients stop hair loss and re-grow hair. The SHAW Center Hair Loss Clinic is devoted to give clients the best possible opportunity to stop hair loss and re-grow hair. We offer the most advanced laser therapy treatments in our facility. Unique in-home treatment options are also available with consultations.

Our hair loss treatment programs have been proven successful for Men and Women with:

  • Male / Female Pattern

  • Thinning Hair

  • Broken and Damaged Hair

  • Alopecia Areata / Traction Alopecia and others

What is Low-Level Laser Therapy
Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a general term that describes any sort of phototherapy or laser treatment that does not break the skin. Also called low-power laser, soft laser, or therapeutic laser therapy, LLLT administered to the scalp has been shown to improve the health of existing hair and stimulate new hair growth.

The principles behind laser hair loss treatment are the same as those behind many effective methods of pain reduction and wound and tissue healing. By stimulating the blood supply in the scalp with the appropriate wavelength of light, laser hair restoration therapy enhances cell activity and allows for more nutrients to reach the hair follicles, improving hair growth.

Home Laser Hair Therapy Devices

In addition to our in-office laser hair restoration treatment, we also offer at-home laser hair loss devices -- a hand-held "laser comb" device or our 90 laser diode portable dome. These devices administers additional phototherapy to the scalp, to enhance results achieved when combined with our in office laser.

Hair Loss Treatment Products

Hair Loss Men Women

We provide hair loss treatment products for all types of hair loss conditions. Our innovative hair loss products can be used with our laser hair loss treatment plans.About our products:

==The only on drug/medication approved FDA treatment for hair growth

==Proven hair growth of over 19 new terminal hairs per square cm

==Stops the progression of hair loss in 85% of patients

==No prescription required (prescription medications available)

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